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The firm of Wilkofsky, Friedman, Karel & Cummins has received press and accolades for our decisions, victories and how we have helped our clients through the years. Click below for some of our noteworthy accomplishments. Clicking on a link will open a new page.


Jonathan Wilkofsky receives Paul L. Cordish Writing Award from NAPIA as author of The Law and Procedure of Insurance Appraisal

Interview with Jonathan J. Wilkofsky, ESQ.
Executive Director, NY Public Adjusters Association(NYPAA)
Managing Partner, Wilkofsky, Friedman, Karel & Cummins

Fury at "CON"tractor - NY Post article December 21, 2001

New York Jury Verdict Reporter - December 5,2001. Property Damage - Water from sprinklers set off by fire in loft apartment building causes damage to Artwork and Furnishings.

Scottsdale Insurance Company has just settled a  water damage claim for $2.5 million dollars immediately after several of its employees testified under oath of the existence of a bonus program by which company employees received monetary rewards for keeping claim payments to a pre-determined amount. 

Baruch Fekete v. GA Insurance Company, Supreme Court, Kings County. After four hours of deliberation a Brooklyn, New York jury awarded the full amount of Plaintiff’s building claim, demolition and debris removal claim, and twelve months of lost rents for a building collapse due to hidden damages caused by termites.

Testimony of Jonathan Wilkofsky to the N.Y. State Assembly Insurance Committee at a hearing on the implications of the September 11, 2001 tragedy on the insurance industry

Letter to Jonathan Wilkofsky re: Stabroek Market of Georgetown Inc.

Insurance Case — Denial of Claim after Burglary — Verdict for Plaintiff  - Verdict: $824,000 plus approximately $400,000 in interest Jury: all female. A post-trial motion Is pending.

A Kings County, New York jury awarded Goldex, Ltd. $1.2 million on June 3, 1999 after only 30 minutes of deliberations. The award was almost $100,000 more than the plaintiff had claimed at the beginning of the trial.

A Brooklyn, New York jury determined that Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and one of its agents, Salvatore Rizzo, had forged its customers handwriting and signatures on several insurance applications only to later deny a claim for the full policy limit when the building burned down.

New York Judge: Insurer Must Pay Real Estate Firm $10 Million For Roof Damage- Mealy's Insurance Law Weekly, March 16, 1998

Insurer seeks declatory judgment for refusal to pay claim for property damage -  The New York Jury Verdict Reporter, February 23, 1998

Building Owner Entitled To Coverage For Asbestos Damage - Mealy's Litigation Report, February 3, 1998

Gas Explosion at Waste Recycling Station — Improperly Installed and maintained pipeline was source of gas leak - The New York Jury Verdict Reporter, February 2, 1998

Insurer Liable For $10 Million For Asbestos, Gradual Seepage Theory Rejected by Trial Judge- New york Law Journal, January, 30 1998

Judge Rejects Insurer Version Of Building Roof Collapse Based On Smell Of Water; Calls Suit Almost ‘Frivolous’- Insurance Advocate, January 24, 1998

Revive bill that would give claimants a fair shot, The Saratogian, August 24,1997

Are we really insured? Nassau Community Newspaper Group, August 21, 1997

Insurance bill wrongly held back, Poughkeepsie Journal, August 19, 1997

Insurance Bill Killed by Joseph Bruno, The Crain's Insider, August 12,1997

The Week That Was, Insurance Bill Held Back by Joseph Bruno - The Post Standard, August 9, 1997

Insurance companies would have to pay if claims unjustly denied, Herald Journal, August 6, 1997

Consumer Advocates Attack Weaker Bill, The Post Standard, August 6,1997

AIA Hits N.Y. Unfair Claims Settlement Bill, National Underwriter, August 4, 1997

Bruno offers own insurance bill, Times Union, August 2, 1997

Politics thwarting help for real folks, Observer Dispatch, July 29, 1997

The great gold rush on State Street, Times Union, July 29, 1997

Bossism bottles up insurance bill, The Reporter Dispatch, July 23, 1997

Not what it seems - Albany Hall of Mirrors - Citizens Against Unfair Insurance Practices formed - Daily News, July 20, 1997

Covering claims, Daily Freeman, July 15, 1997

Insurance bill deserves passage, The Daily Gazette, July 12, 1997

Two N.Y. Consumer Groups Charge Sen. Bruno Bias, Political Payoffs, Insurance Advocate, July 12, 1997

Angry homeowners blast Bruno for stand against insurance bill, Democrat and Chronicle, July 8, 1997

Critics attack Bruno over insurance bill, The Daily Gazette, July 8, 1997

Bruno criticized on insurance lawsuit bill, Gannett News Service, July 7, 1997

Group claims majority leader protecting insurance industry, The Recorder, July 6, 1997

Senate action awaited on insurance bill, The Legislative Gazette, June 16, 1997

Insurance reform bill in jeopardy, State, June 11, 1997

State senator renews push for insurance legislation, The Reporter Dispatch, May 24, 1997

Feldman, DeFrancisco push bill to require policy payoffs, The Legislative Gazette, May 12, 1997

Bill would encourage insurance carriers to settle in good faith, Associated Press, May 7,1997

Insurer Lawsuit Bill Gets Support, The Post Standard, May 7, 1997

Tougher insurer rules sought, Capital Region, May 7, 1997

Bill would help consumers with insurer lawsuits, The Reporter District, May 30, 1996

Denial of claims spurs bill for tougher controls, Time Union, May 26, 1996

Assembly Passes Bill To Give Policyholders Direct Suit Access For Claims, Insurance Advocate, May 11, 1996

He's taking on the insurance industry, Herald Journal Metro, April 12, 1996

Information to contact Citizens Against Unfair Insurance Practice, Gannett Suburban Newspapers, March 26, 1996

Fallout from fire leads to creation of lobbying group to challenge insurance, Gannet Suburban Newspapers, March 24, 1996

Baldswinsville couple's lawsuit leads to offer for settling claim,Syracuse Herald American, October 3, 1993

Court awards attorney's fees in insurance deception case, New York Law Journal, October 6, 1992

Insurers lose court decision in fire dispute, The Daily News, October 3, 1992

An insurer already assessed $150,000 in punitive damages...., New York Law Journal, January 21, 1992

Jury hurts Nationwide's in B'ville, Syracuse Herald Journal, November 29, 1991

Insurer ordered to pay punitive damages, Gannett Suburban Newspaper, November 26, 1991

Punitive Damages awarded against home insurer in New York,The Wall Street Journal, November 26, 1991

Family claims it was burned by insurance Nationwide faces several complaints, Syracuse Herald Journal, July 30, 1991

Federal Judge Allows Punitive Damage Suit On Claims Practices To Go Forward, Insurance Advocate, January 5, 1991